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DPO Group, Aero CRS partner to open up global markets to regional airlines



DPO Group, the leading payment service provider in Africa, has announced a partnership with Aero CRS (an airline customer reservation system) that will see DPO power all the payments at the back-end ensuring all parties receive their payments in real time. In addition, all the payments from the customer side are checked by the DPO fraud prevention team at real time. The announcement was made at the Aero CRS network’s annual customer conference held in Nairobi.

The Aero CRS Network, which was launched recently, provides a cloud based platform to help regional and local airlines get more distribution on Online Travel agents (OTAs), meta-searches and different aggregators all over the world. This means that a standard point to point airline, low cost carrier or charter operator on the platform will have the access to global markets that larger airlines already enjoy.

“The Aero CRS network is a one of a kind innovation, as it connects regional airlines to the big online travel agents. The solution will enable airlines to realise more ticket sales while providing frequent flyers access to regional airlines,” said Meir Hadassi Turner, the Chief Executive Officer at Aero CRS. “Our partnership with DPO, will enable seamless transactions for all our users,” he added.

Payments to the system can be made using all cards and mobile money from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Rwanda.

According to DPO Group CEO, Eran Feinstein, the move is expected to improve the efficiency and security of mobile payments on the Aero CRS platform. “We are pleased to work with Aero CRS network platform as this collaboration allows airline travel parties to make and receive payments with ease and convenience. As a mobile payments provider we remain committed to provide solutions that bring ease while making mobile payments,” said Feinstein.

Currently the Aero CRS Network connects over 50 small airlines worldwide with many carriers in Kenya and the region to various online travel agents such as, which is also a partner. As an online booking agency, will offer a virtual interline solution for airlines and airports. This unique solution combines flights of non-cooperating airlines (airlines with no previous agreement). In case of emergencies such as a delayed flight, will rebook the connecting fight at their expense, with no costs for the airlines.

The Aero CRS annual customer conference is a three day event which ends on Wednesday. It brings together about 100 attendees drawn from 30 different airlines from Africa region and the Caribbean.

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