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Eric Omondi Claims That The Creative Industry is Dead



The self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi, says that the creative industry in Kenya is dead.

He fired shots directed at people in the creative industry saying that they begged for support from their fans, yet they are not consistent and relevant in the industry.

“I don’t recognize any of them, even artists, they are boring and doing the same thing.

The only person I respect in East Africa is Diamond and in Kenya currently is Terence Creative.

The rest ni kulala and saying Kenyans don’t support their own. What are they supposed to support, yet you are giving them dry content?”

Eric pointed out that he spent Ksh8 million to prepare Wife Material Show season 3. A show that involves women contesting to impress the comedian who said he will choose a wife from the best act in the show.

“I would spend even more coz I make more from that. Which Kenyan entertainer would spend that much? They don’t have money since they do not want to spend.”

South Sudan’s supermodel Monica Ayen won the season 3 finale and Eric Omondi took to Instagram to congratulate her for emerging the best among seven contestants. The comedian is now planning to meet Ayen’s parents at their rural home in Juba, South Sudan’s capital.

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