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Eric Omondi torn between Jacque Maribe and Ex-girlfriend Chantal – Weekly Citizen



Top Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe have been exciting Kenyans recently times after former TV presenter Jacque  confirmed that Eric was the father of Zahari her son, and they

Maribe and Omondi with their son

started sharing a few images showing themselves in a state of bliss and familial love.

As one would imagine, Maribe and Eric are such a happy nuclear familiar but a new twist has emerged which is his Italian Ex-Girlfriend whom he claims he doesnt miss despite having dated for years and promising Netizens to marry her in 2019 the year they broke up.

Eric and Chantal

Chantal became a subject of interest when Dr. Ofweneke interviewed the comedian and posed a question whether he misses Chantal.

In his response Eric claimed he didn’t but went further to clarify he talks to her on daily basis leaving the audience guessing as he proved the same by calling her during the show.

Maribe and Omondi with their son

This has been perceived to complicate his relationship with his baby mama Jacque whom everyone has been seeing them bond well as they co-parent.

Lately there have been talk of rivalry between Itumbi and Omondi over Maribe which might be the reason of him missing Chantal though not admitting directly.

Here are some past photos of Eric and Chantal

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