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Exclusive:’We should not make him an outcast’ Bahati comes out to defend DK




A new song, Sorry by DK Kwenye Beat and Bahati was released yesterday and has generated a lot of hate after all the drama going on in DK’s life.

From the song, you can hear DK is just trying to get into the right books of both his fans and God. Lyrics in the chorus sang by Bahati says that we all have a few dark secrets because well we are human, but despite the mistakes, we all deserve forgiveness.

Speaking to Chito on KiSS FM’s the Maloko show, Bahati confessed that he came out to help a brother who was in trouble.

i know he was in the wrong, but when a brother is in trouble, he needs us most. in such times someone can’t start the conversation. so i thought bro God has blessed me with the fans so… you know he depends on music and so a mistake should not make him an outcast and he sang deep things in studio and so i am not sorry to say sorry

Diana Marua, who was in studio, admitted that when Bahati told her about the song for the first time, she was like ‘What? Is that DK?‘. But what caught her attention more was why is Bahati sorry?

Diana Marua addresses Bahati’s relationship with his video vixens

 why are you saying sorry? should I be worried?

Bahati responded to Diana saying that she should never worry because she satisfies him fully.

i don’t  have a scandal because I am married so the heat is dealt with by his wife

Bahati says the song is genuine and we should just find it in our hearts to forgive DK.

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