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Explain Sh2.5m ad, residents demand



Kisumu residents have demanded that governor Anyang Nyong’o sacks county secretary Olang’o Onudi over the erroneous advert on land rate defaulters that cost taxpayers Sh 2.5 million.

Kisumu Residents Voice Association chairman Audi Ogada said the advert not only embarrassed the family of the former Vice President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga but also cost taxpayers millions of shillings. He demanded that all those involved take responsibility.

Ogada said Nyong’o should immediately take action against Onudi, saying the apology Nyong’o offered on Monday was not enough. He insisted that Onudi must refund the public funds used to put up the advert.

“He should refund the money because he is the one who authorised the advert according to his letter which is in our possession,” Ogada said.

Ogada also demanded the disbandment of the land task force.

He said Finance CEC Nerry Achar should explain how Sh2.5 million was used to advertise erroneous land rate defaulters before approval by the county cabinet.

“Heads must roll. We want to see people going home for falsely mentioning people in an advert,” he added.

The advert published last Friday named Jaramogi Oginga and Oburu Oginga among defaulters with arrears running into millions of shillings.

It stated that Ajuma Oginga Odinga, the owner of Kisumu Bloc 12/222 owes the county Sh7,774,099 while Oburu owes Sh295,743. Oginga’s land is marked as Kisumu Bloc 7/509.

Nyong’o said the final document of the exercise had not been processed through the county cabinet for action.

“It is, therefore, unfortunate that one of the many drafts pieces was erroneously sent for publication on one of the dailies,” director of communication Aloice Ager said.

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