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Did you know that you can schedule emails and select messages in bulk on Gmail? If you didn’t, you are using the app wrong. There are a lot of features that work across the desktop, iOS and Android to manage the tediousness of emails.
Let Google help you write your email
Sometimes you start writing an email but do not know what to say. Google’s Smart Compose feature completes your sentences as you type. If you write something such as: “What day should we meet next week?” and then start your next sentence with “Let,” Gmail will likely suggest the words “me know” to complete the sentence. To enable this feature on the desktop, click the Settings cog and scroll down to ‘Smart compose’ under the ‘General’ tab. On your Android phone, tap the symbol that looks like three horizontal lines stacked on top of one another in the Gmail app, choose Settings, select your account, and scroll down to ‘Smart Compose’.
Schedule emails to be sent later

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This feature is for when you are itching to send an email at an odd hour. You can schedule emails to be sent at a predetermined date and time of your choosing. To do this on your desktop, just click the arrow next to the ‘Send’ button. In the mobile version, press the three dots that appear in the top corner of the app when writing an email.
Sign out of Gmail from every device
To ensure you’ve been logged out of Gmail on devices you’re no longer using, scroll down to the bottom of your inbox on the desktop and click the ‘Details’ button. You will launch a new window that displays your currently open and recent Gmail sessions. Press the ’Sign out all other Gmail web sessions’ button to log out of the web version of Gmail on every device that you’re signed into.
Snooze emails for later viewing
This handy snooze feature calls an email back to your attention at a later time. When using the desktop version of Gmail, select a message and right click. Then, press the ‘Snooze’ option and select a time when you would like to be reminded of the email. Google will offer some suggested times, but you can also set your own. You can also access the ‘Snooze’ option by hovering over an email with your cursor and clicking the icon that looks like a clock.
Find all emails from a specific sender

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Do you usually just use the ‘search’ key? You’re doing it wrong. Right click on the email and choose the option that says ‘Find all emails from’ near the bottom of the pop-up menu.
Use Gmail without an Internet connection
Out of data bundles? No problem. Enable Gmail’s offline mode. You can choose to sync a certain number of days-worth of emails to your account so that you can access them without an Internet connection.

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