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‘Hamtaharibu mkutano yangu, endeni mpange yenu!’ – angry Ruto tells hecklers




William Ruto, the Deputy President in Laikipia on Tuesday had a rough time calming down a section of the youths who were heckling him while he was addressing the residents.

As the heckling intensified, the DP remained unshaken and called on the hecklers to leave his rally if they felt uncomfortable.

He further asked them to organize their rallies where they could heckle instead of disrupting his campaigns.

“Hapana hamtaharibu mkutano yangu, mpange mkutano yenu, wacheni upuzi. Hapana… Siwezikukubali. Kwani mumekuja kutupigia Makelele hapa? (You can come here to disrupt our rally, organize you rallies where you can heckle, you should stop this nonsense. I can’t allow this to happen, you can’t make noise for us),” Ruto said.

Adding: “Lazima tuwe an nidhamu, msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mikutano yangu. Kila mtu apange mkutane yake… Apange mkutano yake, hii mkutano ni yangu (We must have respect between up, you can make noises in my rally. Let everyone organize their rallies where they can heckle).

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