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Hilarious Woman Says Men Without Beards Are Mama’s Big Boys



A funny woman has stirred the internet after comparing men with beards and those without.

The lady said she classifies men into three categories.

In a video published on comedian Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill’s Instagram page, the woman her first category is of a man with a mustache and a goatee.

“Hi big brother, I hope you are well. Sister’s love all the way. We love you, you are very special,” she said.

Her second group is of men with sideboards. These are the type men of she loves and even how she describes them shows a lot of bias. Haha!

“Hello God favourite sons, hello soul-takers, hello ovary twerkers, hello God’s gift to the universe, honey, hi, I greet you.”

Lastly to the men without beards. Unfortunately, she did have very kind words for them.

“I’m sorry it didn’t go right for you in growth school. How are you big man, hi mummy’s big boy, hello cute little boy, abujubuju! she concluded.

Her sentiments triggered mixed reactions, with some netizens agreeing with her and others bashing her.

A good number of women confessed that they like men with beards as she said.

However, some people said a man with money can attract any woman she wants.

Men without consoled themselves that the world’s richest men – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos – are clean-shaven.

Before we see some reactions, a small message to beardless men: “When we go to heaven, we will all be given new bodies. Lol!”

Now have a look at these comments:

Simba Charley: “I feel attacked. Did she it did go well for us in growth school? Haha!”

Ezy Jr Baks: “Without money, beards are just feathers. Anyway, I am God’s favourite.”

Garadella BM: “Who is she? Even without beards, we are men with money. I consider beards as a bush.”

JB Watalii: “Thank you for saying it as it is. Beards are our makeup.”

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