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Hiring 5,000 teachers a drop in the ocean – Kuppet official



A union has laughed off the Teachers Service Commission’s plan to hire 5,000 teachers to ensure 100 per cent transition of students. 

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers said this will not even address the shortage caused by natural attrition.

Narok Kuppet executive secretary Charles Ng’eno said the number is too small compared to the rising enrollment of students

Ng’eno said in his office in Narok town on Tuesday that is a drop in the ocean. He said the policy will fail if more teachers are not hired.

“The TSC should get serious and hire teachers if the policy is to succeed. The number of teachers TSC plans to hire is not even enough to address the shortage in four counties,” he said.

Ng’eno said secondary schools in Narok have a shortage of 1,000 teachers. 

He wants the TSC to petition Parliament to increase the allocation for hiring teachers. More than 80,000 are needed nationally, he said.

Ng’eno said the government’s pledge of free education will remain a pipe dream since the cost of hiring teachers will be passed to parents.

He also asked the Ministry of Education to allocate more funds to schools to improve infrastructure.

Ng’eno said some schools are forced to accommodate learners in dining halls.

“Facilities in most schools are strained. Schools need more resources for expansion,” he said.

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