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How on earth do you set a movement in motion?



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“If they succeed, they will set in motion a movement that will change Kenya forever.” I found that curiosity of thought in the Nation of Christmas Day. But, to begin with, the word “forever” does not exist. The idea intended is for ever (two words) — meaning “for always” This violation of English seems prevalent even in England. The two-word phrase for ever, I reiterate, means “ … until the end of time …” The phrase “the end of time” refers to the imaginary moment when worldly things and phenomena — including humanity — will supposedly simply come apart and cease to exist. The question for England’s ethnic propagandists and their disciples the world over is thus ineluctable: When on earth will time ever come to an end?

Even England — the native home of the language by which that Caucasian community recently rode roughshod over humanity — seems ignorant of it. Even Stephen Hawking, England’s own inimitable brain and the world’s most advanced thinker in physics today, does not claim to know. Yet certain writers and editors of the Daily Nation keep raising a similar question.

What on earth does it mean “…. to set a movement in motion…”? I found that metaphysical curiosity on page one of the very Nairobi daily newspaper in which I grew up as a newspaperman. I came across it, namely, on the very day, December 25, when Christendom’s Lord of Salvation had been born somewhere in Palestine for humanity’s sake. For me, the problem is that to “set a movement in motion” is like to “feed food into fodder…”

But, in the powerful language by which England once colonised humanity, everything seems possible. The most probable lesson is that, even to such weaklings as human beings, nothing is impossible, especially on the day when, we are told, God’s own son was born on earth. That was the kind of logic by which the ancient Greek geometers reached their own quod erat demonstrandum hurrah.

Through it, every priest aspires to capturing the minds of his congregationists. I italicise the word “his” because, even among creation’s brainiest species, the males have long ordained that a female’s mind or voice counts for nothing. It is thus that — especially among our race of the guilty species — the brains of a whole half of humanity are condemned to lie fallow because of their sex.

Humanity’s adult male chauvinism is the method by which the earth’s brainiest species systematically condemns its own future against evolution’s other upcoming specific abilities. From Charles Darwin’s principles of evolution, if humanity does not succeed in the fight against the pin-headedness of gender, race, religion and ethnicity, then ours is what William Shakespeare would have described as “…a parlous state…” If humanity is evolution’s brainiest species, then evolution has not worked very wonderfully: For instance, why does humanity allow more than half of our species, namely, all women and all children, to lie fallow? When did the brain of the male human being thus lose its way so terribly and become so swollen?

If hand skill is humanity’s sharpest weapon against the rest of nature, why do we — adult human males — struggle so hard to suppress the mental and hand abilities of all our females? Now, in the 21st century, shouldn’t all human beings know clearly that the brain is the only enabler of all human skills?

For exactly what evolutionary purpose did the male human brain, especially, become so deadly in its swollenness and conceit?

To call it idiotic is to understate the situation … If thought is humanity’s specific weapon against all other species, then the brain should lead humanity into enabling all its members to think absolutely freely, absolutely fully and absolutely together. Yet, in amazing self-condemnation, human males the whole world over specialise in actively suppressing creative thinking by all females and all children.

Mr Ochieng is a retired journalist.