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How Ruto is turning Raila’s bedrock to be his stronghold



Deputy President William Ruto’s “tangatanga” missions seem to be bearing fruits to him. After spreading his gospel in Western Kenya, his next step was in he coastal region of Kenya, and guess what? The DP has earned a following! Rebel ODM MPs at the Coast have pledged unwavering support for Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid.

They said they are ready to pay any cost for their stand, even losing ODM seats.

The MPs include Aisha Jumwa (Malindi), Suleiman Dori (Msambweni), Owen Baya (Kilifi North), Paul Katana (Kaloleni) and Michael Kingi (Magarini) .

They said they don’t understand why their support for the DP is creating anxiety among ODM party’s top brass.

The legislators spoke on Tuesday when they accompanied the DP on his tour of Lamu.

In a unanimous show of defiance, the MPs said they are ready to lose their seats if that is the price they must pay for supporting Ruto.

Jumwa said Coast people have suffered immense segregation under “some political parties and leaders” who pretended to care, only to receive support from the high number of voters in the region.

She said the time has come for Coast people to choose and support leadership that will involve them and one that promises them more than what others have.

She derided the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga, asking why the same handshake shouldn’t be extended to other leaders if it aims for unity and prosperity.

Jumwa asked Odinga to explain the meaning of the handshake in detail so that Kenyans can understand what it is and make choices.

She said she sees no crime in working with Ruto just as Raila is working with Uhuru.

“When the handshake took place, we all felt it was the beginning of a new era, one of peace and unity among all people irrespective of their political allegiance. Turns out I was wrong. It seems like it was just for a few people and not for uniting Kenyans,” the MP said.

Do you think her move to support Ruto will affect her political career?

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