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‘Humble’ Waiguru Visits Local Kiosk, Serves Customers Food



Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguri has joined the growing club of politicians who are becoming extremely humble barely a year to the General Election.

On Monday, September 27, the governor visited a local food kiosk and her ‘humbleness’ could not go unnoticed.

For a moment, she was the one taking orders and serving the customers.

All this time her cameraperson was busy taking the best shots.

Shen then shared the pictures on social media and expressed how happy she was to interact with her people.

“I enjoyed having a cup of tea with Mwea residents at Freshna Café and listening to their stories of how our #KirinyagaRising vision has transformed their lives. The ground is friendly,” she said.

However, many Kenyans did not see anything. Instead, they saw a county boss who has remembered that the election is just around the corner and she has to use all tricks to resell herself.

A Facebook user by the name Don wrote: “It is that season again, folks – they will appear out of nowhere, wash your legs, make your bed, sing you a lullaby, and wish you a good night. Stay alert!”

Duncan Muriithi shared a similar opinion: “Now you have realised people from the low class are important after dining with the mighty for four good years. We are not fools my friend.”

Nicholas Otieno hilariously said: “Does it mean that having a cup of tea has become such a big deal that even the cameramen are invited? Not sincere at all.”

Waiguru Vs Ngirici

Waiguru is among the politicians in the Mt Kenya region whose future hangs in the balance.

After being a staunch supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta, the county chief made a u-turn recently, claiming the government has abandoned the region.

She revealed that she would seek re-election using Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

However, she will have to face Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Wangui Ngirici, a close ally of the DP, in the nominations.

“Mt Kenya is 100 percent UDA. The ‘Pharaohs’ of our times are slowly seeing the light,” Ngirici mocked Waiguru when she indicated she will decamp to the wheelbarrow party from Jubilee.

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