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‘I am not apologetic’ DJ Pinye’s birthday message of not being sorry for setting standards in music



DJ Pinye has been put on the spot severally when it comes to accusations of not supporting local artistes.

Today as he turns 48, he took time to reflect on his life and the impact he has created on peoples lives.

On my bdays, I usually reflect on alot of things about my life. Today, am thinking about my impact. My impact on other people’s lives specifically those in the music industry. 

He has expressed feelings of regret to those who thought he was derailing their music career. But he is not sorry for the values and standards he set in the music game, because he knows the influence he has created over the years.

One thing is clear, I am aware of my influence. I apologize to those who feel I played a part in derailing their music career. But I am not apologetic for the values and standards I uphold for our music industry. 

DJ Pinye is a pioneer in the music industry and despite the few bad stories, there are a few good ones too. He gave artistes a platform where they could share their music that would be played to the public.

The worst story out there has been that DJ Pinye has denied a lot of artistes opportunities while others say he has let them down. DNA released a whole song dissing him and many called the song ‘nursery song’.

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In that song, he mentioned the number of times DJ Pinye told him and many artistes like Khaligraph that their songs are pure garbage and he cannot play them yet those artistes are making it in the industry now. Khaligraph over the years has scooped awards both locally and internationally.

DNA also mentioned Elani who were at some point under DJ Pinye saying he wasted their great talent and uniqueness.

This created a conversation on social media but with all that DJ Pinye has never responded.

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We must also acknowledge the fact that at 48, he looks barely 30. His secret, he says is eating right working out, cold showers and early morning swims.

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