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I Became Suicidal while Living with Pastor Robert Burale, Claims Ex-Wife



The ex-wife of Robert Burale, Rozinah Mwakideu, has spilled the dirt on their failed marriage revealing that they broke up because the pastor was deep in debt and a liar.

Speaking with Radio Jambo’s Massawe, Mwakideu said: “I would receive calls now and then from people and police saying Robert had unsettled debts.”

“It was a character he had and I kept waiting because I thought he would change because he was born-again. For example, the main reason why I left was after my friend came to visit me and after she left she wanted to sue him. I couldn’t handle that pressure plus other personal issues,” she added.

According to Mwakideu, their troubled one-year marriage caused her so much unhappiness that she contemplated suicide.

“There were red flags that he was cheating on me but he would apologise. However, he would fail and repeat. Robert had so many things he was hiding from me in the name of being a pastor…I was expecting him to change. I became suicidal in that one year I lived with Robert because there was so much I was going through but I feared what people would say if I left. My mother is a prayerful person and that helped me,” Mwakideu recalled.

She further admitted that she was also partly to blame for the failed union. “Being born-again does not mean we did not have flaws. I had so much expectation from Burale because he was a pastor but I did not love as much as I expected. I was not patient,” she admitted.

“I was not a good woman because if I was good, we would still be married. We still talk but we have never met for the past five years since we parted.”

Rozinah also spared some words of advice to women who are struggling to make their marriages work saying the trick is to not expect things to change.

“We had a church wedding and we tried to save my marriage but things were extreme. I have no regret and both of us have learnt our own lesson. We were opposing each other,” Rozinah said.

Calls to Robert Burale for a comment went unanswered.

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