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I Found My Wife Doing This With A Butcher Man. I Did This!



DAILY POST: I Found My Wife Doing This With A Butcher Man. I Did This!

I am always a quiet person and I pray that I continue being
good to people but something happened to me last month that made me hate
myself.I have been in good health since  I was born but in 2017 I started
feeling pain in my lower abdomen.The pain was too much that I won’t ignore the
doctor’s advice. At first I thought it was a good idea to buy pain killers from
a Chemist, but as time went by,the pain persisted.
One day, June 18, 2017,I
visited a doctor here in Kisumu. That day I wanted to know exactly what was
happening to my body.I woke up,told my wife about the issue and off I went.On
reaching the hospital(It’s a small clinic in Kisumu near the CBD),the doctor
told me to wait for about 15 minutes so as to attend to another patient. After
a while, he came and ushered me in.
Before anything, he ordered me
to pay Ksh2,000 consultancy fee and after that,he took me to the examination
and testing room. That’s where I was screened for almost all the diseases.The
doctor took my blood and urine.
After two hours of waiting, he
started.”We have determined that your urine might be contaminated. It means
your kidneys have a problem. Come next week to get full report”.
I started shaking after
hearing the statement from the doctor,but I comforted myself,”after all I have
two kidney!”
The following week,I went to
the doctor again, who delivered shocking news.This is what he told me, “you
have diabetes”. I thought I was dreaming, only for him to prescribe drugs for
I think the bad news
disoriented me to the point I lost myself. Slowly by slowly,I started
developing depression which resulted to heavy drinking. It reached a point I
couldn’t rise up in bed and my wife complained bitterly. For about 4 months, my
health had deteriorated, I never touched my wife and didn’t even eat well.
Something started as a joke brought misery into my life.

Out of frustrations,my wife
also started going out,I didn’t catch her but I heard people say,”huyu jamaa
amewacha bibi anakuliwa na vijana wadogo”.I ignored their talk since I couldn’t
even erect.But something happened last month that changed my thinking
completely.That day I was to go to the shopping center to have a drink as usual
but I felt my body was weak.I decided to rest in my children’s room as I waited
for the right time to take a walk around the homestead. All of a sudden, I
heard people talk as they approach my house. 

I waited patiently and alas,it was
my wife’s voice.She said as she was entering,”huyu sasa ako ulevi,atakuja usiku
ama asubuhi…kuja tuingizane kama jana”.They went straight to my bedroom and
within minutes,I heard,” mbona unanifanyia hivi,hata sijatoa nguo,kwani hii
kitu itaisha”.I heard the man do,kwach,kwach kwach”.Out of jealous,I rushed to
the bedroom and found them doing it.I started fighting them,only for the
man,who happens to be our butcherman,throw me on the floor and disappeared.My
wife asked me one question that made me keep mum,”kama wewe ni mwanaume,kuja
ufanye saa hii”.Since I don’t erect,I couldn’t do anything.
The embarrassment forced me to
seek medical attention. I had tried all drugs given in hospitals but they
didn’t help me.but a friend of mine told me he was helped by one herbalist. He
gave me this number to call: 0740637248
I also took this email which I
used to send him an inquiry.
This time I was desperate, I
just wanted someone who could help me become strong again. My wife had given
outside enough.
Immediately I got the number,
I called the person, who gave me an appointment. Two days later,I visited his
On arrival, he inquired about
my condition and after I explained, he gave me herbs.
I have been taking the herbs
on daily basis and to be honest, my condition is normalizing.But what I am
missing is alcohol. We are now enemies as the doctor instructed me not to drink
if I want to be strong again.

I thank God my wife is able to
enjoy my company again.

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