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I Sent Ksh 40,000 To A Wrong Mpesa Number And The Person Refused To Return The Money. This Is What I Did



DAILY POST: I Sent Ksh 40,000 To A Wrong Mpesa Number And The Person Refused To Return The Money. This Is What I Did

I have never felt the way I felt when a man by the name
Joshua received my money and refused to return it.I had a patient at Kijabe
Hospital and was scheduled to be released on Thursday. I had earned my salary
and thought it was good I deny myself good things so that I can clear the bill
for my ailing sister.
My brother was waiting for the
money at hospital so I loaded it in Nairobi and,wrote down my brother’s number
and sent Ksh 40,000.After two minutes I called the number asking whether he had
received it only for a stranger to pick it.When I checked on my phone,I
realized it was not my brother’s number,I had written the last two digits 27
instead of 37 .I started panicking and called the man to return the money but
he refused saying ‘kiendacho kwa mganga hakirudi”.When I called Safaricom they
promised to reverse the money and  I was excited.
My sister was forced to stay
at the hospital since her bill had not been cleared. The following day I called
Safaricom only to be told that the person had withdrawn the money and his phone
was switched off.
Since I had no option, I went
to beg the  hospital for her release, sadly the management refused.I was
totally confused and stressed up.I called all my relatives to help but none was
in a position to pay.It’s my cousin who gave me a hint on what to do.He told me
there’s a man who has helped people recover money and property taken
forcefully. He narrated how his house was broken into and after he consulted
the man, the thieves returned the items.
Here are the detailed he gave
Since I was desperate I called
the number and a man called Dr Mugwenu picked it.We arranged for a meeting for
the following week.

Three days after the meeting,I
found a man calling me,he identified himself as Joshua.From the tone of his
voice,he was in pain.I asked him,”what is it Joshua?” That’s when he apologized
for taking my money illegally.He said for one week,he had not gone to the
toilet and even after going to hospital doctors said they couldn’t identify the
disease.He also revealed he had been dreaming of death and the money he
withdrew.He knew I was the cause so he told me to forgive him.That morning he
returned my money.

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