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I urge every Kenyan to take corruption as a big challenge



It has been nearly two months since we heard of a corruption scandal.

In a country where news like the NYS scam and the Eurobond scandal are always in the headlines, many people are thinking that something might be happening behind the scenes that will hit us like a bolt from the blue.

It is incredible that we are so used to such negative things that we worry when things seem normal.

There was a time when all we could talk about was theft of public funds and imagine how an individual could pocket Sh5 billion.

Those were the days when most people had the corruption scandals at their fingertips.

The current silence augurs well for the future, since the economic climate is good, which is a big relief.

But you can be sure that someone somewhere is looking for a loophole to embezzle public funds.

But that is to be expected because we are not immune to the practice. Perhaps we can say we’ve got some painkillers for now.

If you ask most people how we can fight corruption, they say, “elect good leaders, prosecute the culprits”, and so forth. But who is a good leader?

Since we cannot accurately determine a person’s character, we need a more elaborate judicial system to monitor the conduct of all leaders during their tenure.

If the courts fail us, we could borrow a leaf from biblical times, where anyone who was guilty of an offence was stoned to death. I challenge every Kenyan to take corruption as a challenge.