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Is PAULINE NJOROGE involved? – Sex scandal erupts at African Union Commission –They love sex like pigs



Friday November 23, 2018-A new report has been released showing how senior officers at the African Union Commission have been harassing young female staffers on contract for sex.

In May this year, AUC Chairman Moussa Faki formed a commission to probe allegations of sexual harassment inside AU headquarters in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia.

Announcing the outcome of the report on Thursday, AUC’s Special Envoy for Women, Peace and Security, Bineta Diop, stated that youthful female volunteers and interns have been used as sex objects by senior AU officers.

“It would appear that the vulnerability of this category of staff is exploited on account of their insecurity of tenure,” Diop stated in the report.

The Diop-led HLC team points out lack of a policy against sexual harassment and abuse at AUC is to blame for the existence of the vice.

“Senior departmental staff, who position themselves as ‘gate-keepers’ and ‘king-makers’, are well-positioned to make believable promises to young women that they will be offered contracts, are the identified perpetrators of this vice,” reads the report.

Jubilee Party sycophant, Pauline Njoroge, was once a volunteer at AU and it is not clear whether she was harassed in anyway by senior AU officials.


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