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Jacque Maribe’s dull birthday party as colleagues keep off. Things will be the same!



They wise men say that pictures speak a thousand words, well they might have been talking about Jaque maribe surprise bash at citizen tv offices where her bosses were the only people available for the cake cutting.

In a photo shared to the social media platforms, there are only 2 people celebrating while the background seemed to be in a sombre mood.

Citizen Tv journalist Jaque Maribe was treated to a birthday party with her bosses at Citizen tv after a tiresome day at the high court in Milimani on Tuesday morning when she appeared for the mention of the murder case she is facing with her fiance Joseph Irungu as suspects.

Jaque with Linus and swaleh mdoe/ig

As Edaily reports, Maribe was told by the Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai that she was required to sign a work-related letter so after court around 4 pm she settled into the newsroom.

As soon as arrived at the newsroom Editorial Director Joe Ageyo and Linus Kaikai and the Swahili news Managing Editor Jamila Mohamed came into the newsroom carrying the cake.

Prior to the birthday celebration, only two friends Dennis Itumbi and Shix Kapienga had sent out some  messages on social media

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