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Jaymo Ule Msee Asks Men To Stop Asking About Their Women’s Previous Sex Partners – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM



Content creator and Comedian Jaymo Ule msee has asked men to stop asking their women about their previous partners.

According to Jaymo, avoiding the question is their own benefit because their relationship will be peaceful.

Jaymo says that the answers given by their partners change how the relationship will be and most of the men leave the relationships.

“Stop asking women how many men they’ve been with. Why are you asking? Then if you know, what will you do with that information? When we as men are asked about our body counts, the world will be shut down. That information might haunt you. Those are toxic things that people start telling each other later,” he said.


The comedian told men to be patient and wait for their women to open up to them instead of them asking.

“That information should be something that your woman comes to you with and not you asking her how many men she’s slept with. That should come later in life,” Jaymo said

He claimed that people should stop judging people based on their past because it is a phrase everyone passes through.

“We men if we are asked about our body counts, the world will stop. You understand? That information will haunt you in future. It is the same things people start telling each other when they are angry and this leads to troubled relationships,”he added.

By: Emmaline Owuor


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