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Judges deny derailing war on corruption



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The Kenya Judges and Magistrates association has defended the Judiciary against criticism over handling of corruption cases.

Secretary-General Derrick Kuto on Friday said that they merely follow the rule of law.

“There is a wrong narrative being peddled that the Judiciary and judicial officers are an impediment to the war against corruption, that is far from the truth,” Mr Kuto said.

He said both judges and magistrates handle cases as per evidence presented before them.

Mr Kuto maintained that the Judiciary is an independent organ that is committed to win the graft battle.

“We urge the public not to fall prey to these twisted narratives. The war on graft will not be won by mudslinging and chest thumping, but by taking time to understand our constitutional framework as well as working meticulously within it.”

Concerning bond terms given to suspects, he said they are issued based on merit.

The association urged Kenyans not to lose trust in the judicial system.