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Kambi, MP Baya war explodes – Weekly Citizen




Kilifi North MP Owen Baya and former Labour cabinet secretary Kazungu Kambi have crossed swords following Baya’s fight to stop Kambi from being cleared by parliament to become a commissioner in National Lands Commission.

After Baya failed to convince parliament to reject Kambi on grounds of integrity and academic standards, sources say the former CS has vowed to campaign against the lawmaker’s bid to become Kilifi governor in 2022 general elections.


Kambi supporters are now claiming that Baya’s motive of fighting his appointment to the lands commission was due to the fear that the former Kaloleni MP would push for repossession of grabbed lands in Kilifi and in particular thousands of acres of squatters land taken over by Mombasa Cement at Vipingo, Mtwapa and Kikambala areas.


“It is true Kambi has been very passionate about the grabbed squatters’ land which he had wanted to deal with if he had been elected Kilifi governor in 2017. He intends to deal with it through the lands commission and that is why Baya was being used by the grabbers to sabotage his appointment. But luckily MPs were able to see through his disguised malice,” said Patrick Thoya.

Baya a former Kilifi county secretary is close to owners of Mombasa Cement whom it is claimed have promised to finance 30pc of his governor campaign expenses.

A parliamentary recommendation to force Mombasa Cement to return Kilifi grabbed lands to squatters has been ignored. Lands chief administrative secretary Gideon Mung’aro while an MP for Kilifi North constituency had pushed for adoption of the parliamentary committee on lands report but Baya through Kilifi county government sabotaged the move, it is being pointed out.

To stop Mung’aro from becoming Kilifi governor in the last general elections, Mombasa Cement reportedly spent millions of shillings financing his opponents.

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