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KDF soldiers rescue pregnant woman in Boni Forest : The Standard



KDF soldiers on Christmas eve rescued a pregnant woman from the Boni Forest.
The woman who had been ‘labouring’ for almost four days was airlifted by a KDF chopper from Mangai village in Boni Forest to King Fahad Hospital in Lamu.
Villagers around the area have very limited access to hospitals, schools and other key amenities. They are forced to trek for kilometres on end to get proper medical attention as the hospitals near the area have insufficient supplies, if any.

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Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri says apart from maintaining security, KDF soldiers have been benevolent in ensuring the villagers around Boni Forest get access to treatment, education, water and food among other resources.
“If it were not for the KDF taking her to hospital in the helicopter, she would be probably have died considering how severe her situation was,” said one of the woman’s family members.
The woman was safely delivered of twin babies soon after arriving at the hospital.

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