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Kenya Upgrades Manda Bay Station As Second Naval Base, Lookout Point



The upgrading of the Manda Bay station in the north coast of Kenya, into a full military base, is the latest signal by Kenya on just how much it is investing in the security of the new Lamu port and the Lamu Port-South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (Lapsset) corridor and its entire Coastal territory.

The base in Lamu County, will now serve as a co-ordination centre to secure the maritime and land territories.

Nairobi sees Lapsset and Lamu port as a critical national and international investment deserving maximum security.

“Given the growing investments in this part of our country and the promise of the maritime domain, Manda is an invaluable listening and watching tower for Kenya and Kenyans,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Thursday at the presentation of Presidential Regiment Colours to the Kenyan Navy in Manda Base.

“We are steadfastly committed to making Boni area a peaceful and stable economic hub. Those infrastructure projects will support the livelihoods of our people within the region,” he said.

Lapsset, a $23 billion project was mooted in 2012 by Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia to construct interconnected ports, railways, airports and roads. Lamu port has so far set up the first berth. But the project largely relies on security and commitments by the three countries to see the projects built.

Terrorist cells

Although the government says the Manda Base upgrade is about guarding the border against external attacks, it comes as the International Court of Justice prepares to deliver a judgement in the maritime border case between Somalia and Kenya on October 12.