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Kikuyu Woman Arrested For Training Her Cats To Steal Begs Help From Kenyans



A woman from Kikuyu who was arrested this morning and accused of training her six cats to steal valuable items from her neighbors has sent a special appeal to Kenyans to help her raise money for legal aid.

Christine Wambui was taken into custody after several neighbors reported small objects being stolen from their homes and the police detectives proving that indeed the cats were the suspects of the thefts.

The neighbors reported being visited by Wambui’s cats before noticing the disappearance of their valuable items that range from underwear, foodstuffs, clothes, and even jewelry.

Despite their unbelief that cats could not be a trained stealing army, detectives began a surveillance operation and were amazed by what they discovered.

A cat on duty

According to our
police source, the six cats coordinated their operation as an organized unit, invading the home in style and constantly
coming and going, bringing home valuable items.

Strangely, at the time the operation was underway, Wambui
would put on loud gospel songs on her house and pray for success.

The police confirmed that
on their day of observation, they noted that under one hour, the
detectives saw the cats bring home a whole wardrobe of her neighbor. Not even the cloths on her hanging
line were spared.

Driven by curiosity, the officers went on to search Wambui’s house where they got a whole shock of their lives.

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“The cats have been doing a good job. She has a whole warehouse and the items are packed and supplied to small business people who sell them as valuable second-hand items,” on officer recorded.

The woman, Wambui, confessed to training her cats to steal, saying her animals had to help her make ends meet since she also houses them, after picking them from the streets while still young.

She has also sent a special appeal to Kenyans, to help her raise money for legal services in her case since she believes she is innocent.

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The police, however, insists she has to face the consequences.

“She would only feed the animals if they brought home valuables, so the animals had to steal every day in order to survive. Most were voluntarily malnourished so they would easily gain the neighbors’ pity and be allowed inside their houses.”  Another officer noted.

Wambui is to be arraigned in court tomorrow with sources confirming that she could face several charges, and also have animal rights activists on her case.

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The lady has requested help from well-wishers to help her get a good lawyer and win her case.

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