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Kilifi man exhumes son’s body to confirm if still in grave





A man in Kayanda village Kilifi county on Sunday exhumed the body of his son buried three years ago to confirm if he is still in the grave.

Kahindi Lewa said he took the action after suspecting that the body had been removed.

“The reason why I am exhuming my son’s body is because I have been living in fear that he is not in the grave,” he said.

On the day he died, Lewa said he was going for a trip with his wife and its the son who carried them on a motorcycle to the main road.

“I then asked him to go back and fetch water. He did not do as I had instructed him but instead took a former female classmate to her home. He was knocked by an overtaking vehicle,” said Lewa.

Lewa said what shocked him when he found the body after the accident is that it did not have physical injuries nor a single spot of blood.


“This is someone who has been knocked by a vehicle on a tarmac road but he was not bleeding. This surprised me and have all along suspected something fishy,” said Lewa

“I have been feeling that my son is not in the grave because of the weird dreams I have been having after burying him,” he added.

He said the family will hold a ceremony on December 1 and slaughter a goat for the deceased.

The deceased sister Selina Kahindi said they did not allow her brother to be kept at the Kilifi County Hospital Mortuary after the death.

“He left us at the shop and within some minutes we received a call that he has died. Today we have confirmed that he is in the grave,” said Selina.

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