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Lazy, indisciplined students to lose scholarships – Lamu MCAs



Students in Lamu who fail to perform well consistently risk losing their scholarships.

Lamu MCAs on Wednesday gave a warning and vowed not to allow lazy students waste funds which would have otherwise helped other hardworking colleagues.

The leaders said indisciplined and unruly scholarship beneficiaries will not be spared.

This year, the county government allocated Sh127 million for bursaries for students in secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Students who scored 300 marks in the KCPE examination in Lamu received county bursaries.

The MCAs spoke at the Lamu county assembly grounds on Friday.

Chairperson of the Finance, Budget and Appropriations committee Azhar Mbarak said many students “get too comfortable” after getting scholarships.

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Mbarak said some students have neglected their education.

“Our priority as leaders is to better the education of our children and that’s why we made a generous allocation towards bursaries this year. We will not sit back and watch this money thrown away and wasted by lazy and irresponsible students,” the chairman said.

The MCAs also warned parents who enrol their children in private schools which are more costly are require extra-funding.

They said scholarships for such students will be regularised to equal that of their counterparts in public schools.

Lamu Majority leader Abdalla Baabad said students from the Boni minority community and those from pastoralist communities will continue getting top priority scholarship allocations.

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Last week, the Boni protested that scholarships meant for their children were being “stolen” by imposters.

As a result, more than 200 students were sent home over school fees arrears running into millions of shillings.

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