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Love hurts! Otile Brown takes shots at Vera Sidika



It has been a pretty minute since Otile and Vera Sidika were at each other’s throats. Okay, I exaggerate, they are the king and queen of low-key shade.

Their break up played out in the public. It was intense, toxic and as ugly as any break up can get.

Vera basically claimed that Otile is a gold digger and Otile denied the claims saying Vera wanted to trap him in a loveless union by getting pregnant.

Since them, we have seen Vera move on and do her thing. She has been hosting events, making appearances and travelling to exotic destinations.

Otile on the other hand has also picked up the pieces and is working at furthering his career as an RnB heartthrob.

He was even spotted getting his teethe whitened to compliment his muscled torso.

These arms won’t let your heart break! Pure chemistry between Jacque Maribe and Jowie.

To mourn his breakup with Vera, Otile dyed his hair blonde.

Psychologist claim that this is the way an individual regains control of his/her life by changing their look. Because, at that particular moment their life is spiraling out of control.

Before their very nasty split, Otile wished Vera a happy birthday.

He wrote: “You’re such a beautiful person, lively and kind… I do miss you sometimes. Happy birthday Maa, more life more blessings . Katoto ka cutie.

In a recent post, there seems to be a stark contrast in how he addresses his perceived detractors. Otile writes:

“You have to know how to differentiate between showbiz and real life. Can’t shit on the only person real with you and can hold you down. We watch every move and told everything and it is sad. Karma is real. God is real and fair,” Otile wrote in a cryptic Instastory.

In the photos he take of himself, Otile can be seen all alone in the room and he is half dressed.

He shows off his expensive watches, cigar and drinks.

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