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Man Got Taste! Uhuru Drives Himself to Uhuru Gardens With splurgy Car



President Uhuru Kenyatta has arrived at the Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi for the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Air Show event.

The Head of State breached the usual protocol by driving himself.

However, the presidential escort team was part of his entourage.

He was behind the wheel of a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which looked new.

It is a richly appointed SUV with a six-figure price tag.

A brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Class goes for Ksh15 million. If you add other upscale features such as armouring, you will need in excess of Ksh20 million.

Kenyans who were at the Gardens to witness the festival cheered when the President disembarked.

The military is holding the ceremony in conjunction with Aero Club.

The Air Show will display military and civilian aerobics to give the public a memorable experience.