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Men Threaten To Quit Owuor’s Church After He Restricted Them To Marry From Only These Tribes





”Any of my followers can marry from any tribe in Kenya as long as he lands on the partner he has been dreaming for and from there they can develop a mutual understanding on building up a relationship which could as well lead to a happy marriage there making the best family.” Prophet Owuor was quoted as saying. He proceeded with the following directions;

Statistics have it that to choose the best tribe to marry, basically depends on a person’s tribe or even the person upbringing.
Below are three tribes in Kenya with that Owuor claims has the best ladies to marry.

  1. Kalenjin Ladies.

Kalenjins ladies are known for their prowess in handling family matters. They also depict high quality of respect to the husbands as the head of their families. They like keeping it natural thus have less maintenance and are very loyal to their partners.

  1. Kamba Ladies

These ladies are known for their high adoration of their marriages,they have respect for their husbands and their husband’s parents. They are very hardworking and display loyalty at its best.

  1. Kikuyu Ladies.

Kikuyu ladies are known for being hardworking and innovation. They have good loving hearts and can make the best wife when it comes to intermarriages and when loved and cared for by their husbands
Prophet Owuor is the most famous servant of God whose impact has been felt by many people not only in Kenya but also other nations of the world.

He has been going around the world announcing the coming of the Messiah and spreading the gospel of the cross globally.


To every country that he has stepped he has left a mark showing that he was once there.He has given out many prophecies in different nations that got fulfilled in the eyes of many people.With all this that the Lord has done through him,Kenya has Benefited most.

Many people have been healed even out of his sight.This is evidenced by a hip of many wheel chairs,cratches and many other things left by the healed of the Lord that have been stored safe at Nakuru Jesus is Lord radio stores.

The man of God had played a very important role even when he reunited the former prime Minister and our current president His Excellence Uhuru Kenyatta.He also prayed for peace in the land of Kenya after Kenya had just suffered from a post election violence.

While the country was living in fear, Prophet Owuor said it’s repentance that can safe Kenya.He gathered people different counties across the country including political leaders at Uhuru part.

At that time he asked the top most leaders in Kenya that is president Uhuru Kenyatta and Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga to offer their sincere repentance before God and before Kenyan Citizens of which they did so.Since that time peaceful election has been Witinessed in the country.