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Merry xmass to all patriotic Kenyans who keeps the government on toes



By Wandia Njoya via fb
A merry and blessed Christmas to all of you great people who care for humanity, who have supported this village madwoman in holding the government accountable to provide good education to all our children, no matter where they are and who they are.

It’s been a sad journey to discover that there are adults who refuse to be held accountable for their decisions that affect the little ones God has blessed us with. Since the responsibility for the lives of children is great, the government should have taken all the time necessary to be thorough in what they are doing. It appears that instead, they are making things up as they go along. Our children deserve better.

But the journey has also been encouraging. The Elimu Tuitakayo group has shown that Kenyans do actually come around an issue that has nothing to do with which of the misbehaving grown ups in politics we sympathize with. I am also encouraged by people who reach out on social media or in person to say they are following what we are talking about.

In this season, when we remember that special child who was born in desperate circumstances, we also think especially of the Kenyan children whose parents are not available or are unable to follow up what the government is doing for their children’s growth. As we continue to question the Ministry of Education, we feel especially for them. We will keep you posted on the specific actions we will take in the coming year.

I’ll sign off with the words of one of my favorite songs sang by Sweet Honey in the Rock: “For each child that’s born, a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are.” We are fighting for our children because they sing to the universe who we are.

A blessed season to us all. Even to the poor goats and chickens who will pay the ultimate price for this festive season.

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