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Miguna Miguna blasts Kenyans for failing to protest against fuel levy



Since the initiation of the March 9, 2018 building bridges initiative through a handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition Chief Raila Odinga, Kenya has not witnessed much protests.

Unlike the time when Raila used to be in the opposition, there has been calm from his backyard who used to go on streets wherever a small controversy occurs from the government.

However, Lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna, who is currently in Canada after his deportation that resulted from Raila Odinga’s dramatic swearing ceremony, is now condemning Kenyans for not protesting.

Miguna argues that Kenyans are struggling to live within the imposed 8% VAT on fuel products yet they can’t protest. The lawyer gives an example of a the same situation in France.

Miguna through a post on his official twitter account notes that the French have been able to stop their President Emmanuel Macron from levying fuel taxes on them through mass action, while Kenyans are dying under 8% fuel tax, unbearable debts, looting of public resources, human rights abuses and chaos in Nairobi without protesting.

It is however a clear show from his statement that like France, Miguna wants Kenyans to protest against the already levied 8 % VAT on fuel products.

His fight against President Kenyatta and Raila came after he was dramatically deported to Canada following his commissioning of Raila’s swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru park, on grounds that he had renounced his Kenyan citizenship in 1998 after he acquired Canadian citizenship.

Miguna has hence announced his returned to the country after December 7, 2018 when Justice Chacha Mwita makes a rulig on the case against his citizenship.

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