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Millie working to stop Wanga’s bid for Homa Bay governor job



When it comes to ODM politics, Homa Bay has always been a hotbed of controversy in Nyanza.

It is the only county where the governor, senator, women representative and 58 out of 60 elected leaders are from ODM party

Even the two MCAs who got a chance to be elected on independent tickets still swear allegiance to the party.

Ahead of the famous swearing in, NASA leader Raila Odinga held his last rally in Homa Bay.

The county seems to be involved in unending politics and some of the elected leaders who have interest in higher seats seem to have started their campaigns already.

The governor position seems to be attracting a number of aspirants who are already moving around the county seeking support for their candidature.

This is despite the pending election petition at the Supreme Court where governor Cyprian Awiti wants the highest court to overrule the Court of Appeal which nullified his re-election in the August 8,2017 General Election.

Former Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga successfully petitioned the re-election of Awiti at the Homa Bay High Court before Justice Joseph Karanja.

ODM National chairman John Mbadi, Homa Bay woman Representative Gladys Wanga and KUPPET secretary general Akello Misori have been moving across the county presiding over various fund drives as they popularise their candidatures.

However, the recent attack on Wanga who is also the party Homa Bay branch chairperson, by Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo raises eyebrows.

Millie has openly declared that she will not support Wanga’s ambitions for governorship over her development projects, an issue she has been pushing online.

Wanga has however kept mum and Odhiambo has only been attacked back by bloggers.

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Of late, Mbadi and Odhiambo have been attending various fundraising events and to some, she has been sending her foot soldiers to accompany Mbadi.

She claims Homa Bay has got its own people and cannot be ruled by outsiders.

At one point Millie even launched an online attack where her friends were to declare where their parents were born, where they stay and even married. The attack was perceived to be directed at Wanga who was born in Kano within Kisumu and is married in Kochia within Homa Bay.

Millie had earlier said that in as much as she supports women leadership, she won’t back Wanga saying she has not well in her current job.

Misori at the same time has been making inroads into the county drumming up support.

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