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Mtukudzi taught me music is not a competition – Suzanna



Legendary Afro-fusion singer Suzanna Owiyo says Zimbabwean artiste Oliver Mtukudzi taught her wisdom that she applies in her music career.

“I met Oliver in a studio where I was doing an interview as well. He had visited Kenya,” Suzanna told the Star yesterday.

The fact that Suzanna can play the guitar is what attracted Mtukudzi’s attention. Since that first meeting, the two interacted a lot and even worked together. “I featured him in my third album called My roots, and he has been a mentor to me and there is so much we learnt from each other.

“When you are friends or colleagues in the music industry, there is so much to learn from each other. He was a humble person, despite the big name he had and all the exposure he got.”

Suzanna says Mtukudzi taught her that music is not a competition, but should be used to bring people together.

He was passionate about African music and his purpose was to give life and hope to people and healing to the broken-hearted.

The many times Suzanna visited Zimbabwe, she says, Mtukudzi was always on a mission to support young talent.

“I used to admire the way he stayed to himself and even made sure his music cut across, no matter the language he used. I visited his art centre and he was happy and fulfilled when he offered to help up-and-coming artistes,” she said.

In his four-decade career, Mtukudzi released 67 albums and won fans all over the world.

Mtukudzi, popularly known as Tuku, died on Wednesday at Avenues Clinic in Harare. He was 66. He had been battling diabetes for many years.

His death has sent shock waves across the world and several international celebrities have sent their messages of condolences and tributes.

He will be fondly remembered for his captivating music that highlighted the problems of many African countries, including HIV-Aids, poverty and poor leadership.

Todii was one of his best-known songs and it focussed on HIV-Aids pandemic on the continent.

One of his songs Wasakara (You are too old) was banned as it was believed to be pointing an accusing finger at former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe. Mugabe was deposed by the military in 2017.

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