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My hubby referred to me as a DUSTER due to my overweight size.



KDRTV-There is a time in life when love is all over in the air between married couples and that when all hell breaks loose.

My husband used to love me a lot in the initial stages of our marriage. He however started behaving badly when he thought that I was becoming overweight and lazy.

“Honey, you look ugly and fat everyday what the hell is this. Am I married to someone who is older than me,” he said when I had asked to accompany him to a local event.

That statement alone from a man who I have been with for years made be break down into tears. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I wanted to ask him to repeat but I had not energy to do that.

In that mix, I came across Doctor Mugwenu’s site and there were testimonials in his page of women who regained their youthful bodies after visiting him. My mind was blow away by what Doctor Mugwenu with his spells and herbs did to women who were in the situation as myself. I took his number from the page and called him right away.

He indeed confirmed he could help me burn all the fats in my body using his herbs and also treat my skin. I met him the next day and he gave me a concoction to drink and he also cast love spells so that my hubby can learn again to love. He gave me a bottle of the concoction and asked me to take some. It was harmless and sweet.

Unbelievably in a record three days, I had already lost lots of weight to appoint my husband asked what had happened allover sudden.

He even offered to take me to his company events and everybody there was complimenting my new look!

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