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‘My zipper tore’ Vivian Kenya narrates her embarrassing story on stage in front of a large crowd



Vivian Kenya is one of the few female artistes that have been working hard to please not only the Kenyan fans but all over.

When Romain Virgo was in the country just a few days ago, he acknowledged her and said now that he is in the 254 he will do something with her as promised.

We have to give it up to our girl for trying her best to put the Kenyan female music name on the map.

Being on stage Vivian says is not easy because you have to impress a huge crowd and on top of that you pray you will not fall or crack your voice at that high note.

Well, that has not happened to her but something she will not forget is when her zipper decided to burst open on stage during her vigorous performance. Probably why she has decided to focus on rompers when she performs; they are safer.

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Vivian told her story during an interview heard by Kiss FM, laughing as she remembers one of the most embarrassing moments in her life as an artiste.

I once had my zipper torn while performing and had to stop my performance and go make it. Sam came on stage and made it for me, a great challenge of managing female artiste. It was the most embarrassing thing on stage

Can we also acknowledge the fact that Sam West, her husband is such a sweet husband and a hands-on manager?

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