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NTSA directs dealers to ensure they sell motorcycles with protective gear



NTSA has issued a warning to motorcycle dealers and owners wishing to sell their motorcycles to ensure the transfer involve helmets.

In a statement on Thursday, Director General Francis Meja said the NTSA Act on the operation of motorcycles requires dealers or persons wishing to transfer their motorcycles to provide two helmets to the buyer.

He said the helmets must meet the standards set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and must bear registration numbers printed in indelible letters.

“Consequently, we are reminding you that contravention of the above provisions will lead to cancellation of dealer’s license with immediate effect,” Meja said.

Other than helmets, dealers are also required by law to issue two reflector jackets for every motorcycle that they sell.

Meja said the authority will be conducting regular audits to confirm that the directive is being observed.

His concerns come two days after the deadline for boda boda operators to comply with safety guidelines was extended to May next year.

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“We recognise reforms are meant to be helpful, not stressful, therefore, these constructive conversations between the government and the boda boda fraternity are encouraged until we find a sustainable solution to the challenges,” Interior CS Fred Matiangi said.

The Task Force on Boda boda Operations was formed on November 22 and tasked with formulating policies to oversee the governance of the public service motorcycle sector.

It was also tasked with compiling comprehensive data regarding the safety, reliability, cost and other matters of interest to public service motorbike users.

The team is working in consultation with various government agencies, motorcycle operators and other stakeholders.

Motorcycle riders have over the years been blamed for the increase in accidents that have killed thousands and left others with permanent injuries.

NTSA statistics show that they have been the second highest road accident fatalities after pedestrians.

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