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ODM not sincere in denying coalition partners cash



The problem is in the election agreement signed by all political parties in the Nasa coalition.

We had a presidential candidate in the name of ODM but not Nasa. As such, ODM took the big brother role.

ODM has already received the funds but behaved in a manner to suggest that it is not privy to these obligations and the agreement deposited at the Registrar of Political Parties.

Although we have a dispute, this is not even about the end of Nasa coalition, as the press want to put it because it sounds so sensational. It will affect future coalitions in this country.

ODM might in future be interested in entering a coalition deal with other parties. It would be naïve on their part, whether guided by their principal or themselves, to think that next time they tell people to craft an agreement they will do so.

Wiper is asking ODM as our elder brother to be alive to the obligations of the coalition agreement. Should we as Wiper conclude that all internal avenues to resolve this matter are not working, we will walk in the direction taken by Ford Kenya.

If ODM had faith in what it signed, then we would not be having such issues. It is very frustrating to some of us who believed in the coalition.

It is very frustrating even to my party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, who is a gentleman and likes to resolve issues in a diplomatic way. We have opted to explore internal mechanisms to try and follow this matter with the ODM leadership but I must tell you that deep among the party’s rank and file this is a serious issue. We have a coalition and among the nine points is inclusivity.

The agreement was not just about signing papers. If what is written on paper cannot be followed by ODM led by Raila Odinga, how can Kenyans trust him when he talks about the handshake?

You cannot tell people in public that we are going to Canaan together under Nasa, then you betray those with you. It in bad faith but we still believe that consciousness will come back.

The Wiper party executive director spoke to the Star

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