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Owner of Posh Nairobi Restaurant Goes Into Hiding



One of the owners of a popular city restaurant, Nyama Mama, has gone missing following the issuance of a warrant of arrest by a Nairobi Court.

Reports indicated that the missing businesswoman was set to appear before Senior Principal Magistrate, Zainab Abdul, on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, but she was a no show.

The Magistrate demanded answers from her lawyer who informed her that she had left the country.

Puzzled, the Magistrate refused to suspend the warrant of arrest for two weeks as requested by her lawyer, stating that she knew of her expected appearance in court before leaving the country.

Owner of the posh Nyama Mama restaurant in court on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.


Her husband, who is also the director of Good Earth Ltd, was taken into police custody amid an ongoing investigations where the two were accused of obtaining a Ksh520 million loan using fraudulent security.

The two own Good Earth Ltd, which is the company behind Nyama Mama, Blue Door, Yao and Deli and Bakery.

The businesswoman and her spouse were accused of obtaining the Ksh520 million loan without offering security on diverse dates between December 10, 2018, and November 2020.

The Magistrate ordered the businesswoman to present herself before the court and to avoid the summons which will be embarrassing to her.

The bank also requested the court to summon the investigating officer to explain the efforts he made to arrest the businesswoman.

According to court documents, the couple persuaded the bank to use an apartment in Nairobi as security to obtain the loan.

Police records indicated that the couple entered into an agreement with the bank and started borrowing in 2015 and continued to advance more loans from the same bank until November 2020. 

The bank further claimed that the duo prevented perfection of security despite taking up more loans. The bank also claimed that even after the loans were given to the business, the security was never perfected despite numerous promises from the two.

Undated file image of a gavel on the bench in the courtroom

Undated file image of a gavel on the bench in the courtroom


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