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Pastor Kills dad over Inua Jamii stipend – Weekly Citizen





A man who was arrested in Vihiga for hacking his father to death is said to be a church pastor. Stephen Otwoko is said to be a pastor at Enyaita Israel Church in Ebusakami, Luanda subcounty.

According to residents, the 38-year-old man killed his father over the Inua Jamii stipend given to aged people in the country.

The incident which happened at Emutsa village left the villagers puzzled asking themselves why the young man decided to kill his father over the cash.

They said the suspect tortured his 85-five-year old father Elvas Kweya Otwoko after he refused to surrender all the cash to him. The neighbours said the son was annoyed after his father spent the money without handing him some of it.

It is said Otwoko received Sh4,000 which he spent without surrendering to his son. They said the charged son gave the old man thorough beating before killing him.


They added that when the suspect realised that he had killed his father he vanished from the village prompting the villagers to launch manhunt for him. He was later arrested by the villagers who kept vigil in the whole village and handed him to police after administering proper beating.

“The old man received the money yesterday and spent the money. He bought his son brand phone but the son killed him,” said the neighbour who declined to be named.

Emuhaya OCPD Jonnies Ndolo said the suspect will be arraigned in court. In same Emuhaya residents of Mwitukho village were shocked when a 65-year-old man collapsed and died in his boss’s toilet where he had gone to answer call of nature.

Kwendo Amusala was found dead in the toilet after minutes he checked into the toilet. The body was taken to Coptic mortuary.


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