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Peer pressure is the devil : The Standard



Have you ever had to do something that you knew was what you wanted to do, had to do, but felt that you would be judged harshly for it? I have. Countless times.

And the one thing I have realised, after a series of hits and misses, is that you should do it anyway. That you should do it, hands shaking, heart pounding and knees buckling. Just do it. Because anyone who has never experienced failure has never done anything of note.
You might as well fail fast and grab your lessons for the next adventure.
And if you are worried about what people will say or think, well, know this; everyone is almost always preoccupied with their own life.

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They are not really thinking too much about what you are doing.
Plus, in the grand scheme of things, what does their opinion matter?
Seek all the help you can and just go for it. Then you may just succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Or fail spectacularly. But at least you will be a different (wo)man from who you were previously.

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