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Political analyst DAVID MAKALI exposed as a dead beat father by his wife, he has left us to suffer like dogs.



Tuesday, November 20, 2018-Popular political analyst, David Makali, has been exposed as a dead-beat father by his wife, Doris Chepchumba.

Makali met Dorris in 2011 after he divorced his first wife and married her  in a  traditional ceremony in 2012.

The renowned political analyst divorced with his first wife in 2009 after she accused him of assault and mistreatment and took him to court.

His shameless behaviours of assaulting and mistreating women continued when he married his second wife Dorris.

When his lavish home burnt down last year after an electrical fault, he laid blame on his wife and kicked her out with their kids.

She is now struggling in the village with her kids as Makali enjoys life in the city.

Life has become so hard, prompting her to relocate back to the village.

The renowned political analyst who got a plum job at Radio Africa Group as the head of content has married a third wife and no longer cares about his second wife and their kids.

Here are photos of his second wife who has exposed him as a dead beat father.


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