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Revive Mangrove Sacco, members urged



By Tsozungu Kombe

Members of Mangrove Cutting Sacco in Lamu County have been urged to cooperate fully and revive their dormant Sacco in and uplift their living standards.

Lamu County Cooperative auditor, Nickson Baya told Sacco Review said members should revive the Sacco and also to ensure that they sustain it.

He said the society used to generate income from the sale of mangrove poles in the region.

He asked county residents to cooperate and join Saccos in large numbers and invest heavily.

Baya also noted the move will enable them get bigger loans to accomplish their personal development projects, because their monthly and daily wages cannot sustain their projects.

He told residents that it is only through joining Saccos that they can be stable and prosperous.

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