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Rosemary Odinga Regaining her Confidence after Losing Eye Sight



Rosemary Odinga may have lost her sight but not her vision for people living in the slums.

The daughter of Opposition leader Raila Odinga made her first public appearance Tuesday since undergoing a surgery that left her blind.

Speaking at the Raila Odinga Educational Centre in Kibera, Rosemary Odinga said she is slowly adjusting to her new life and regaining her confidence.

She noted that she will continue pursuing her dream of transforming the slum as she donated 60 sewing machines to the institution, which will start enrolling women for the programme.

“Leo sina sauti sana kama vile mmenizoea (my voice is not as strong as you are used to). I am getting more confident now on my new life after losing my sight following the surgery,” said Rosemary.

“Since my operation and losing my sight, I’m happy people are welcoming and I am now getting confident in how I interact with people and communicate.”

She added, “I am happy to see you people get these machines which I know after the training will play a big role in addressing the issue of unemployment in our community.”

Rosemary further thanked well-wishers, friends, and family for supporting her through her illness and vowed to continue empowering women all over the country.

The 41-year-old budding politician suffered a minor stroke, leading to her hospitalisation in South Africa in February 2017. The condition forced Rosemary to drop out of the Kibra parliamentary race last year.

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