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Secrets of GEORGE SAITOTI’s death and how UHURU/ RUTO duped 2 billionaires WANJIGI & LAGAT who financed them.




The year is 2012 and the month is April. A
meeting is taking place at Koisagat Farm in Nandi Hills owned by a silent mogul
in the name of David Lagat. Present i
n the meeting is Alfred Keter, Oscar Sudi, David Lagat and a designated
private secretary who also happens to be the MD of Koisagat Tea Factory, one
Mr. Tanui.

Two issues are on the table.

One, Alfred Keter is pleading with DL to
finance William Ruto’s ICC trips, cater for the accruing legal bills and offer
to infuse money into URP’s presidential campaigns. On the other hand, UK is
engaging Jimmy Wanjigi to also finance him. In exchange for their
‘philanthropism’, both David Lagat and Jimmy Wanjigi would be given the tender
to construct Standard Gauge Railway.

DL was to construct that snaking material
from Mombasa to Nairobi because of his convoluted tubule of network especially
at the coast. Jimmy Wanjigi was to take the SGR from Nairobi all the way to
Malava in Busia County. Ask me who David Lagat is and I will tell you that he
is probably among the top 5 richest persons in Kenya. He is however not ranked
just like Haron Mwau because of his shady business deals and illicit sources of

Two, Oscar Sudi is vying for Kapseret MP
and does not have money. Reason? Please sit pretty and allow me to take you
down this lane.

The late George Kinuthia Saitoti is the
Minister for Internal Security. He is brought down in a plane crash
orchestrated by Aviation officials under duress from the State. George Saitoti
was key in witness protection as of people who would testify against Uhuru and
WSR at the Hague. On the other hand, a cobweb of drug barons is casting its net
wider in the country. 

This group was preceded by the two Armenian Arthur
brothers who were elevated to the positions of Deputy Police Commissioners by
Statehouse in 2006 to access drugs at GSU Training School in Embakasi.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and
Interpol are in hot pursuit of key figures in the racket of drugs. George
Saitoti has this secret list and a comprehensive report of drug barons and the
US Government is urging him to name these personalities. He fears for his life
as he proclaimed in Mombasa but the US Gov’t assures him of its support in case
he goes for the presidency. A threat to Uhuru’s presidency is being bred and
fed again, blunder. Saitoti then makes it unequivocally clear that he would
table the list in Parliament the following week.

That very same weekend, on Sunday 10th June
2012, the lifeless body of George Kinuthia Saitoti was found burnt after being
involved in a plane crash in Kibiku Area of Ngong Forest, exactly 12 minutes
after leaving Wilson Airport on their way to Ndhiwa for a fundraiser.

At this time, information is leaking to the
drug barons whose names are in the list. Oscar Sudi gets wind of his name being
amongst those wanted. He initiates processes of stopping the drugs from getting
into the country. The drugs remain in the waters of Indian Ocean for fear of
being nabbed at the port. Suppliers and consumers are on Sudi’s neck. He uses
all his money to keep the market stable and at the same time wants to rise to
power to protect his drug ring.

The problem in here is that he doesn’t have
money to finance his campaigns. He pleads with Alfred Keter to take him to DL
to help him. That is how he found himself in Koisagat. He then gets the funding
and becomes an MP. Lagat and Wanjigi are later shortchanged by the digital duo
and Sudi goes full throttle in leading a revolt against William Ruto. Ruto has
lived with Sudi and knows that he has never stepped into any class past
Standard 8. Even that KCSE certificate he is holding is a fake piece of paper.
Now Ruto starts blackmailing Sudi, EACC comes after him and he is suddenly
turned into Ruto’s spanner boy.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ruto’s barking dogs
started calling Kuttuny hired mercenary, it flopped. They then went ahead and
said that he coached ICC witnesses against Ruto, it flopped. Now they have
shifted the goal post and decided to replace Oscar Sudi’s name with Kuttuny’s
name in their imaginary world of people currently under the radar of DEA and

Ask the Akashas, if you can, who requested
an Uber for them while I’m Nairobi for the fear of being hunted down by DCI
using their personal cars not knowing Uber is a world surveillance mechanism
for FBI originating in San Francisco. How they were later tracked, duped,
arrested and extradited can well be explained none other than the Honourable
Member of Parliament for Kapseret, the delinquent Oscar Sudi.

Someone remind Murkomen that we have a
shortage of fools in the country.

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