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Set-your-own-price taxi app launches in Arusha



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An aerial view of Arusha, Tanzania. An ride-hailing app that allows passengers to set their own fare for their selected route has launched in the city. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

An ride-hailing app that allows passengers to set their own fare for their selected route has launched in Tanzania.

inDriver, an international ride-hailing service used by 14 million people across 160 international cities, officially entered the African market with its launch in Arusha.
inDriver’s Real Time Deals (RTD) model allows passengers to set their own fares.

Nearby drivers are sent the destination and fare, and then the driver has the ability to either accept the offer or bargain for more money based on the rates pre-approved by the base.

The passenger is presented with multiple offers from drivers and has the ability to choose the best fit based on the categories most important to the passenger, such as fare amount, driver ratings, estimated time of arrival, and vehicle make/model.

inDriver’s affordable, safe and flexible platform for passengers, coupled with fair compensation and transparency for drivers, has resulted in rapid global growth and adaptability.

Founded in Yakutsk, Siberia in 2013, inDriver has a proven profitable business model, and is now used by more than 14 million people in 160 cities across 10 countries: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and now Tanzania.

In February 2017, inDriver surpassed 100 million rides, and in August 2018, a mere four months after launching in Latin America, inDriver completed over 1 million rides in the LATAM region, followed by the second million rides completed in the LATAM region in just 3 weeks after that.

In October 2018, inDriver reached 10 million Google Play installs, having doubled its downloads in just one year.

Earlier this year, inDriver also announced $10 million in Series B funding from Leta Capital VC, and moved its headquarters to New York City, where the company’s top management is now based.