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SHAME as husband to Laikipia Women Rep, CATHERINE WARUGURU, the sex addict, cons accident victim millions of shillins.



DAILY POST: SHAME as husband to Laikipia Women Rep, CATHERINE WARUGURU, the sex addict, cons accident victim millions of shillins.

Waruguru’s hubby on the spot
over millions belonging to accident victim

disabled man in Laikipia is demanding Sh2.1 million from lawyer William Kiget,
husband of Laikipia Woman Representative Catherine Waruguru.

The money was
reportedly awarded to George Micubu by a Nanyuki court in a case where he was
involved in a road accident at Kirimon area along the Nanyuki –Meru highway on
February 14, 2011.

was hit by a lorry. He moved to court to seek compensation and hired Waruguru’s
husband, a lawyer, to handle the case that kicked off in 2011.

to Elizabeth Kathambi, Micubu’s wife, her husband sustained multiple and
permanent head injuries, prompting her to follow the case on his behalf.

to documents seen , Kiget was to get 30 percent of the total
amount awarded in the event they win the case.

physical condition does not allow me to have free and frequent movement. I have
therefore authorized my wife to follow-up the matter and handle all issues
relating to this matter and collect all funds…from you on my behalf,” reads a
letter written by Micubu.

represented Micubu until May 7, 2018, when principal magistrate Gichimu Waititu
delivered a judgment ordering APA Insurance Limited to pay Sh3m million
compensation to Micubu, plus an additional Sh13,000 for special damages.

of the awarded cost, Kiget was to pocket Sh900,000 and the remaining Sh2.1
million paid to Micubu in full. Kathambi claims she made several trips to
Kiget’s office to inquire about the compensation by APA but was told that the
money had not been remitted.
told me that the insurance company could not pay the whole amount as ordered by
the court and that they would only pay Sh2 million. But when I followed up with
the insurers, I confirmed that he had been Sh3 million already.

went back to his office to find out why he did not want to give us the whole
amount. He told us he was working to raise the money to at least Sh2.1
million,” said Kathambi.
reportedly offered to pay Sh800,000 to the victim, and that the remaining Sh1.3
million later, but Kathambi declined the deal.

couple has since hired another lawyer to help them recover the money form
Micubu who suffered post-traumatic convulsive disorder has been on constant

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