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Should Kenya Vote for Raila, who can’t even decide on his trusted running mate?



The Position of the Deputy President is a extreme significance, for the Deputy is effectively the second citizen of Kenya. Ideally, the choice of a Deputy President should be based on the administrative capabilities and the trust of the candidate running for the presidency, this is beyond the political clout they bring to the table during the elections. 

The choice of the Deputy President should ideally be the prerogative of the candidate a party or alliance has chosen to be the Presidential flag bearer. But, in case of the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance coalition, this contentious issue of the choice of Deputy President seems to have fractured the alliance so much that different constituent members of the coalition are out in public to air each others dirty laundry, thus demoralizing the workers and volunteers who have been supporting this alliance on ground and on Social Media. 

The Azimio Council Meeting held at KICC today under the chairmanship of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the presence of the alliance’s Presidential Nominee Raila Odinga, saw Charity Ngilu, Kalonzo Musayoka, Junet Mohammad and Martha Karua sharing the same stage, while Martha Karua has been quiet about the DP slot, Kenyans have seen how Charity and Junet have been dismissive of Kalonzo’s claims of a deal with the President and Raila about being promised the Deputy President position.

Not just has ODM and Charity Ngilu been dismissive of the credentials of Kalonzo, but they have been downright rogue and haven’t held back in insulting the very man who Raila trusted in both 2013 and 2017 to be his running mate. Let us not even talk about the agreement signed between Kalonzo and Raila about Raila supporting a Kalonzo bid in 2022. Despite being backstabbed, Kalonzo swallowed that bitter pill and went ahead to side with the Azimio at the behest of assurances of a DP slot from President Uhuru and Azimio Candidate Raila.

DP Ruto and Azimio project Raila

Today, the Coalition has approved the proposal of forming a Advisory Committee that would give a list of probable Deputy President candidates, and if reports are to be believed it seems like this committee would end up reporting to President Uhuru, the Chairperson of Azimio Coalition and not the Presidential Candidate Raila. This prompted many twitter users to revive the narrative that Raila Odinga is nothing but a State Project of Uhuru by trending the hashtag #BabaThePuppet

This narrative seems to be getting wider acceptance with legitimate questions being raised that, if Raila doesn’t have the authority to even pick his running mate and when Raila has been consistently been reneging on his promises to his allies at the behest of President Uhuru, what real powers will Raila Odinga ever have should he succeed Uhuru Kenyatta as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya? 

What is even more interesting is that, the entire event at KICC was promoted as a Jubilee Event with the Social Media team of Jubilee going on overdrive to project President Uhuru as the sole face of this entire Azimio Council meeting, raising many eye-brows among until now loyal supporters of this broad-spectrum coalition. Is Azimio just a vessel being created and used by Uhuru to maintain the relevance of Jubilee? 

With Raila bowing down to Uhuru and not speaking one word against the critical issues of Fuel shortage, Milk Shortage, Rising Prices of Oil and Bread among other daily essentials, Kenyans are left to wonder : When Raila says he will continue Uhuru’s legacy, will they have to be prepared for the situations they saw in Zimbabwe and the crisis they are seeing in Sri Lanka today, where the middle class and poor don’t even have access to bread and milk? 

Meanwhile, it looks like the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and its Presidential Candidate Deputy President Ruto are having the last laugh while they focus on campaigning across Kenya selling their Bottom Up economic revival model while the Azimio Coalition is too busy firefighting the deep cracks that the Deputy President position has effected. And from the looks of it, the future of the Azimio coalition as it is, doesn’t bring forth the confidence in their capabilities of providing Kenya with a stable Government and Presidency, which is sure to sway the voters come August 9, 2022.