SINGLE MOTHERS will skin this JUBILEE MP alive – see what he said about them after calling them prostitutes

Sunday November 25, 2018-A vocal Jubilee Party MP has irked Kenyans after he made derogatory remarks about single mothers.

In a widely circulated video ostensibly from a press conference, nominated MP, David Sankok who is opposing the Two Third Gender Bill, said women without husbands but bear children with different men lack integrity’.

Sankok, who represents disabled in Parliament, claimed that such women, in seeking nominations in line with the proposed Gender Bill, have failed the integrity test spelled out in Chapter Six of the Constitution.

“We must invoke Chapter 6 for all women who will seek nomination slots in Parliament. All those who will be nominated for gender top up and they are not married, must parade their children, DNA taken and then we see if they are from one man, they will have passed the integrity test,” Sankok said.

“If we find that they have been sired by a Luo, Maasai, Kalenjin, Indian and a Mzungu – white man, they you have not passed the integrity test,” Sankok added calling such women prostitutes.


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By Kenyan Digest

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