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Some Ethiopians arrested in Jomvu on suspicion of human trafficking



Police in Changamwe on Friday arrested seven Ethiopians who were en route to South Africa.

They were nabbed at a hideout at Mwamlai forest in Jomvu after arriving in a transit goods truck.

In a suspected human trafficking ring, the suspects were seen coming out of a container and disappearing into the bushes.

Members of the public tipped off the police at around 8am. The suspects were arrested after a five-hour search.

Police are pursuing the driver of the truck who left the scene after learning that his “passengers” were being hunted.

Changamwe police boss Peter Omanwa told the Star officers from Changamwe and Jomvu police officers were involved in the operation.

“We will take them to court once we finalise with investigations,” he said.

The suspects are being held at Changamwe police station.

Police are also holding a man who is suspected to be involved in a spate of highway robberies.

They said he has been breaking into trucks and stealing goods in transit.

Several ID cards and tools used to break into lorries were recovered from the suspect.

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